After 13 years of running a large national wine sales division, I was inspired to work with a more direct and focused import model. In partnership with my closest friend, Johannes Leitz, I started Schatzi Wines in 2014—a company that reflects our collective business ideals.

We believe in:

honest and direct communication

cultivating a small and focused portfolio

a commitment to stateside inventory

leaner margins

uncompromising service from grower to glass

Schatzi is dedicated to working alongside growers to bring great wines to the market. Currently, the portfolio consists of environmentally conscience winemakers from Germany, Austria and France (Champagne, Burgundy and Beaujolais).  Collaborating closely with our growers, we can shrink margins and offer more diverse selections. This model benefits the grower, importer, distributor, wine shop, sommelier and consumer. We will continue to grow the portfolio intimately and organically, representing wines that respect the earth and give voice to terroir—wines we care about and feel connected to.

Joining our team are Daniel Weber, Hayley Johnson and Betsy Ross. Dan has over a decade of experience in the New York retail trade; Hayley has worked in several of San Francisco’s top restaurants and has spent a year tending vines in the Rheingau; Betsy has worked in Maine, Boston and San Francisco, as well as in the vineyards of California and the Rhone. Together we bring a unique perspective and understanding to the business of wine.

Schatzi Wines will work with other schatzis, because life is too short to do otherwise. This applies to winemakers who understand and support our vision—who want a stronger voice regarding how their wines are represented in the United States—and to distributors, restaurants and retailers who seek authentic, hand-crafted, terroir-driven wines at a fair price.

We are so excited to taste and drink with all of you as soon as possible. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions.

Kevin Pike

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Schatzi goes to Franken and welcomes Benedikt Baltes to our German portfolio! Born in the village of Mayschoß in the Ahr Valley, Benedikt comes from a long line of grape growers and winemakers. His ancestors founded what is said to be the oldest wine cooperative in the world and growing up, Benedikt saw his family sell the fruits of their labor to the co-op where it was transformed into pleasurable yet simple wine. Benedikt always dreamed of making his own wine. After viticultural school in Bad Kreuznach and apprenticeships in Germany, Portugal and Hungary, Benedikt began looking for a place of his own where he could push himself as a vigneron. It was impossible to find land close to home in the Ahr and Benedikt soon found himself scouring the country for a terroir where he could explore the singular potential of Spätburgunder. He eventually found himself in the historic town of Klingenberg with the opportunity to buy an ancient, “urban winery” (founded in 1601—clearly ahead of its time!), with holdings of old vines on the steep terraces, and he knew that he had found his new home. Starting fresh in a new area offered Benedikt the unique opportunity to begin to enact his vision without being hamstrung by expectation and tradition. Today, working with his girlfriend Julia Bertram (also a Schatzi!) and a group of young, enthusiastic “wine freaks” from all over Germany, Benedikt has emerged as one of the rising stars of the German red wine revolution, bringing attention to the pedigree and aging potential of his unique terroirs. To meet his desire for “maximum quality,” the fruit is 100% hand harvested, vinified with native yeast and aged in barrels made from oak forests all within 50 kilometers of the winery. There are never any chemical additives in the cellar and the wines are bottled unfiltered.Stop by @caskstore 3rd Street today for some fun and affordable @schatziwines that will brighten up this dreary San Francisco 'summer' day! 3-6pm ☁️🍷😎Always love tasting @lazybearsf — one of the coziest spots in San Francisco!Schatzi goes to the Ahr and is proud to welcome Miss Julia Bertram to our tribe! Julia grew up in a winemaking family in the tiny Ahrweiller village of Dernau. As a child, she never envisioned herself working in the family business as she watched her parents and grandparents burn the midnight oil in both the vines and the cellar. But when she was old enough to drink wine, toward the end of high school, she became enchanted by the fruit of their vines and the unique flavors expressed by spätburgunder on slate.  Inspired, she worked for several years at the iconic Meyer-Näkel estate before enrolling in the viticulture and oenology program at the University at Geisenheim. Now, she dedicates herself only to the best sites with the oldest vines, and is focused on continually implementing new sustainable practices in the vineyards, undaunted by the challenges of working on the slate terraces. In the cellar, the fruit is handled very gently and the wines are fermented naturally. They are raised in oak barrels of various ages and sizes with the goal of making clear, nuanced wines that articulate their respective terroirs. We are so excited to have this #nastywoman in our portfolio.Kilian and Angelina Franzen, both in their twenties, are producing killer dry rieslings in the Middle Mosel from Bremmer Calmont—arguably the steepest vineyard in Europe. So naturally, we drink it on steep rooftops. Grapes are crushed and macerated, are fermented with ambient yeasts, and nearly all the wines go through malo. These texturally complex rieslings are not to be missed! #ifyadontknownowyaknowNothing is better than Schatzis meeting other Schatzis! Thank you @caitlinlaman for your continued support—you are a boss lady👊🏼