After 13 years of running a large national wine sales division, I was inspired to work with a more direct and focused import model. In partnership with my closest friend, Johannes Leitz, I started Schatzi Wines in 2014—a company that reflects our collective business ideals.

We believe in:

honest and direct communication

cultivating a small and focused portfolio

a commitment to stateside inventory

leaner margins

uncompromising service from grower to glass

Schatzi is dedicated to working alongside growers to bring great wines to the market. Currently, the portfolio consists of environmentally conscience winemakers from Germany, Austria and France (Champagne, Burgundy and Beaujolais).  Collaborating closely with our growers, we can shrink margins and offer more diverse selections. This model benefits the grower, importer, distributor, wine shop, sommelier and consumer. We will continue to grow the portfolio intimately and organically, representing wines that respect the earth and give voice to terroir—wines we care about and feel connected to.

Joining our team are Daniel Weber, Hayley Johnson and Betsy Ross. Dan has over a decade of experience in the New York retail trade; Hayley has worked in several of San Francisco’s top restaurants and has spent a year tending vines in the Rheingau; Betsy has worked in Maine, Boston and San Francisco, as well as in the vineyards of California and the Rhone. Together we bring a unique perspective and understanding to the business of wine.

Schatzi Wines will work with other schatzis, because life is too short to do otherwise. This applies to winemakers who understand and support our vision—who want a stronger voice regarding how their wines are represented in the United States—and to distributors, restaurants and retailers who seek authentic, hand-crafted, terroir-driven wines at a fair price.

We are so excited to taste and drink with all of you as soon as possible. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions.

Kevin Pike

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