Betsy Ross

Betsy is a Massachusetts native and she attended UMASS Amherst where she studied Biology.  Like many college students trying to make a buck, she took her older brother’s advice (who at the time was a chef at one of the restaurants on campus), who recommended she apply for a part-time serving gig to make some extra cash.  Little did she know this was a twenty-year long career in the making.

After graduating, Betsy moved to Boston to work in a neuroscience laboratory and continued to work in restaurants in the evenings.  But after several years of juggling both jobs, Betsy departed the world of science to further explore Boston’s restaurant and hospitality scene.  Needless to say, the restaurant industry had won her over. She started as a server, quickly worked her way up to bartender and eventually landed in management. After ten years in Boston, Betsy found it time to broaden her scope outside of Massachusetts and after an inspiring trip to San Francisco, she realized how strong the food and wine scene was and couldn’t help but want to be a part of it.  So, she headed west.

In San Francisco, Betsy worked with Shelly Lindgren at SPQR and then took her first full-time wine position at Coco500, where she was introduced to Jared and Tracey Brandt, owners of Donkey & Goat Winery.  Betsy worked the harvest there in the Fall of 2009: “My appreciation for wine grew exponentially and as a result, it made me drink a little slower so I could appreciate all the efforts that go into the bottle.”  The Brandts introduced her to Eric Texier, which resulted in her working the 2010 harvest in the Rhône Valley as well.

After France, Betsy returned to Boston to work at Radius and then The Boston Harbor Hotel.  But in 2012, she moved back to the Bay Area to take a position at Jardinière, and most recently as the beverage director and AGM of The Progress.

After 20 years of working in restaurants, I was really wanting a deeper focus in wine. I want to learn more about less to be able to share even more. I knew Schatzi was a great fit! I am excited to join the team to pass along the stories of these producers, their vineyards and their wines.