Gordon Eberhardt

Born and raised in coastal New Jersey, Gordon lived for all things beach and ocean.  This desire to be at the beach all the time led him to find work in the restaurants and bars along the shore, and it was at a very young age of 15 that Gordon fell in love with the service industry.

He moved westward for college and relocated to Boulder, Colorado where his love for the ocean and surfing was replaced by a new yearning to be in the mountains, skiing, hiking, and rock climbing.

During Gordon’s years at the university, he worked in high-end French restaurant and casual dining spots as well, all the while falling in love with food, wine, cooking, and curating dinner parties. It was there, in Boulder, where Gordon found a wonderful group of friends that were insanely passionate about food and beverage, and his love affair with wine began.

After a few more years in Colorado, the ocean began calling again, but this time he knew it was the Pacific, so Gordon and his soon-to-be wife packed up and headed to San Francisco. Gordon immediately started working at James Beard award winning Jardinière where he furthered his wine knowledge while honing fine dining service skills and taking the concept of hospitality to the next level.  Gordon spent 6 years with Jardinière before moving over to his all-time favorite restaurant, Nopa, where he has been for five years now.

Gordon feels blessed to be part of the Nopa family where he has been exposed to unique people, products, wines, and experiences.

It’s is with over 20 years in the food and beverage industry that Gordon is now taking this next step into the Schatzi family.