Markus Altenburger

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Markus Altenburger is stoking a building fascination with Leithaberg wines. His vineyards (now in the third year of organic conversion) perch at Austria’s far eastern edge, where vast, shallow Lake Neusiedl and the low Leitha mountain range wrangle for influence. Markus wants his wines to express this Pannonian-meets-Alpine tension along with the subtleties of distinctive limestone and slate soils through a small handful of native and traditional Austrian varieties, now more red than white. He is focused on blaufränkisch, a narrow range of now-rare native white varieties and old-vine chardonnay, and distinctly Austrian styles of rosé.

Markus Altenburger 2018 Blaufränkisch Gritschenberg

These are the estate's oldest vines at 50+ years of age and Markus has only one hectare here, planted by his grandfather, but the vineyard is his muse; and all of Markus’ more recent plantings of Blaufruänkisch are taken from cuttings in these vines in the Gritschenberg vineyard. The soils here are rocky Leithakalk, a type of shell-limestone that brings structure, length, and texture to the wine. Markus’ destems the grapes and ferments them spontaneously for approximately 4-5 weeks in open wood fermenters. Afterward the wine spends 2 years on its lees, without racking, in 500L barrels. No fining and no filtration, approximately 1300 bottles produced annually.

  • 2018
  • Blaufränkisch
  • Leithaberg DAC Reserve
  • Austria
  • Burgenland
  • Leithaberg
  • Certified Organic by LACON
  • Gritschenberg
  • Southeast
  • Leithakalk (shell limestone)
  • 2 years 500L neutral oak barrels
  • Oak vats
  • 750 ml

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