Domaine Ruet

Beaujolais | Cercié

The Ruet Family Estate Winery has sat on the remarkable terrain of Voujon in Cercié-en-Beaujolais at the foot of Mont Brouilly since 1926. It spreads over superb south-facing slopes where you will find the shallow, granite and stony soils that characterize the Northern Beaujolais region. This traditional winery is focused on parcellaire wines–the serious direction in which we believe Beaujolais is headed. From Morgon they make “Douby” and “Les Grands Cras,” from Chiroubles is “La Fontenelle” and from Brouilly is “Voujon.”

Domaine Ruet holds fast to the tradition of semi-carbonic maceration, employs integrated vine growing techniques and has harvested their vineyards by hand for over four generations. The wines are on point, each exhibiting the characteristics of their respective Cru and furthermore, the distinctive terroirs within. We were blown away on our recent trip to Beaujolais to discover the intricacies of each Cru’s soil composition, as they are much more fascinating and complex than most tend to acknowledge. Domaine Ruet is the perfect estate to promote education on the unique subtleties amongst this region’s terroir–and at affordable prices! We could not be more stoked to have this estate in our book.

Soil Reports

  • Pink Granite
    Pink Granite

    Pink Granite

  • Blue Granite
    Blue Granite

    Blue Granite

  • Decomposed rock

    Decomposed rock

  • Sand


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