Rheinhessen | Bechtheim

Jochen Dreissigacker has the extraordinary privilege of calling first-class holdings in Geyersberg, Kirchspiel, and Morstein his own. Jochen’s wines offer a sharply focused lens onto the specificity of Rheinhessen’s terroirs while also being singular statements of personality. They are the product of thoughtful, organic farming combined with patient, deliberate cellar work. The results are wines of depth and concentration, with scintillating tension among fruit, ripe acidity, and mineral structure, built to age. Their appeal to trocken devotees will be obvious. Their appeal at the table will be, too.

Dreissigacker 2014 Geyersberg Riesling trocken

This is the granddaddy of Dreissigacker's dry range in its corpulence, body and texture. It is marked by its fragrant smokiness, like fire- roasted sweet corn. Because the site typically ripens one week earlier than the other sites in Westhofen and Bechtheim, Jochen puts this wine in oak. Yields are reduced to roughly 15hl/ha, what is insanely selective, to ensure a high level of quality. 60% of this wine was fermented and aged in stainless steel, 40% in neutral barrique.

  • 2014
  • Riesling
  • Grosse Lage
  • Germany
  • Rheinhessen
  • Johannisberg
  • Certified Organic: KÖL e.V.
  • Geyersberg
  • South
  • Marl, loess
  • Stainless Steel, neutral barrique
  • Stainless Steel, neutral barrique
  • 0.9
  • 750 ml

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