Julia Bertram

Ahr | Dernau

For more than a century, Julia Bertram’s family has grown and made wine in the tiny, marginal Ahr Valley. When Julia took over the estate in 2017, she directed her focus first toward the cherished old family sites, where she organically farms a total of 6.8 hectares of precipitous slopes all planted to Spätburgunder (pinot noir, in German). “What makes our wines unique,” Julia explains, “is the combination of slate and Spätburgunder in such a northerly region.” Across the board, Julia’s wines impress with their slender elegance, their arresting coolness and clarity, and above all a precisely mapped sense of place.

Julia Bertram 2016 Dernauer Spätburgunder

This is from Julia’s home village and the Dernauer sites of Pfarrwingert (greywacke), Burggarten (weathered slate and gravel) and Hardtberg (greywacke). After cold maceration up to a week, it was spontaneously fermented in large, German oak, that comes from near Klingenberg, Julia’s beau’s VDP estate in Churfranken. It has more structure than its Ahrweiler sister, showing sour cherry, sweet spice, incense and slight cedar aroma. The palate has polish, sweet tannin and finesse. It is a gorgeous example of pinot noir.

  • 2016
  • Pinot Noir
  • Ortswein
  • Germany
  • Ahr
  • Organic
  • Pfarrwingert, Burggarten and Hardtberg
  • Greywacke, weathered slate and gravel
  • 1 year neutral barrique, 2 months stainless
  • Neutral barrique
  • 750 ml

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