Domaine Alice Hartmann

Moselle Luxembourgeoise | Wormeldange

We’re on the Mosel, where the vineyards are steep, stony suntraps, the vines old, and the grape riesling. But this is not Germany, it’s Luxembourg. Here it’s not slate but shell limestone cliffs that are paramount. These fossilized marine-based soils are more like those of Chablis or Champagne, and translate into supremely elegant, classically styled rieslings: intensely mineral, with calibrated balance and stunning length. The 200-year-old Domaine Alice Hartmann is named for the valiant Mme. Hartmann, who single-handedly kept the estate alive through war and lean times in the last century.

Domaine Alice Hartmann 2017 Ahn Palmberg Riesling "Sous la Rocher"

Located in the southernmost (upper) region of the Mosel River Valley, the soil consists of pure limestone instead of the Devonian slate found along the Mosel in Germany. Palmberg's soil is rockier than Grevenmacher, hence why it is named "Sous la Rocher," or "under the rock." Just two miles downstream of Fels as the crow flies, it is higher on the slope and is sheltered by a limestone escarpment to the north. Like Fels, Hartmann's holdings here are terraced and average vine age is 50 years. This riesling was vinified in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks and contains slightly less residual sugar than the Gevenmacher Fels, this wine is salty and stylish.

  • 2017
  • Riesling
  • Luxembourg
  • Moselle Luxembourgeois
  • Organic
  • Palmberg
  • West, southwest
  • Limestone
  • 7 months stainless steel
  • Stainless steel
  • 11.8
  • 750 ml

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