Jean-René Germanier

Valais | Vétroz

Domaine Jean-René Germanier is located in Balavaud, a hamlet of the commune of Vétroz situated at the heart of the Valais and the Rhône Valley on the Swiss side of the Alps, famous for its warm, dry microclimate in the summer months. Out of love for the art of winemaking, quality is the highest priority. Gilles Besse and his uncle Jean-René Germanier are committed to quality and to producing wines with pronounced character, which for them means limiting their yields. They are constantly in search of innovative winemaking methods, extracting the true character of their terroirs, and seeking forgotten varieties that are awaiting rediscovery.

Jean-René Germanier 2017 Amigne de Vétroz (2 Bees)

Amigne is an ancient Swiss variety, likely brought to the Valais by the Romans, and now grown almost entirely in the town of Vétroz. Recent DNA testing reveals Amigne is closely related to the obscure Champagne variety petit meslier, which squares amigne within the family of gouais blanc, a parent variety of chardonnay. Amigne is noted to produce great wines at varying sweetness levels, which until 2005 had no legal labeling distinction. Now one can find Amigne de Vétroz marked by bees on its label to indicate general residual sugar levels. 1 bee marks a dry wine, while 3 bees marks a wine that is notably sweet. Germanier’s 2 bees carries approximately 15 g/L of sugar, making it delicately dry and marked by the variety’s notable acidity and ultimately reading drier than a German halbtrocken.

  • 2017
  • Amigne
  • Switzerland
  • Valais
  • Vétroz
  • Organic
  • Glacial moraine, slate
  • 9 months stainless steel
  • Stainless steel
  • 15.6
  • 750 ml

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