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Sundström Cider 2017 Liminal

Liminal is a cuvée focused on the terroir of the Hudson Valley in New York and the heirloom varieties that have historical importance there. 2017 Liminal fruit was all grown by Samascott Orchard, in Columbia County, on sandy loam soils. The breakdown for this bottling is as follows: 34% Ashmead’s Kernel, 17% Golden Russet, 17% Roxbury Russet, 16% Newtown Pippin, 16% Northern Spy. These apples were sweat for approximately 4 weeks before being macerated between 12 and 48 hours prior to pressing, depending on variety. Primary fermentations occurred by native yeast over 6 weeks’ time. Fermentations were then aged on the gross lees for 2-4 weeks, before being racked to fine lees in neutral oak until bottling in late June of 2018. Bottled by traditional method without disgorgement. No fining or filtration. Sulfured only once at racking, in accordance with pH, at ~30ppm. Liminal 2017 leads with both aromas and flavors reminiscent of quartz grown Riesling, from the dominant presence of Ashmead’s Kernel. This is married with the texture, weight and spice of Golden Russet and Roxbury Russet. These are all balanced with Northern Spy for its ability to harmonize the other apples and provide mineralic structure, as well as Newtown Pippin to highlight the high-toned elegance within the blend. The result is a beautifully aromatic cider that is floral and spicy, albeit saline and earthy on the nose, with substantive soft texture that still retains grip and extreme length. Flavors are at once tropical with pit fruit and then crystalline and ginger-lemon blossom. This will continue to improve with age for several more years but is drinking great now.

  • 2017
  • Ashmead's Kernel, Golden Russet, Newtown Pippin, Northern Spy, Roxbury Russet
  • United States
  • Hudson Valley New York
  • Columbia County
  • Samascott Orchard
  • Loam
  • Practicing Organic
  • Stainless steel
  • Neutral barrique
  • 9.2%
  • 7.7 g/L
  • 0.0 g/L
  • 3.52
  • 750 ml
  • Cider
  • $25.00