Karl Haidle

Württemberg | Stetten

“There’s a change coming. Württemberg is getting more and more interesting. We’re right in the middle of it,” says Moritz Haidle. It only takes a few minutes in his company to feel his sparking energy and ideas. But to stand in his vineyards, walk the old-cask-lined cellar built into the very hill those vineyards climb, and above all taste through his extraordinary, ever more focused, dynamic, and expressive wines is all the convincing you’ll need.

Karl Haidle 2018 Riesling "Ritzling" trocken

"Ritzling" borrows its name from what has become Moritz Haidle’s endearing nick-name. This serves as the entry to the estate’s range. The grapes are farmed organically like all of Moritz’s wines, and fermented with native yeasts, 70% in stainless steel and 30% in large, old German oak casks from the 1970s. Elevage occurs in the same vessels for approximately 6 months.

  • 2018
  • Riesling
  • QbA
  • Germany
  • Württemberg
  • Remstal
  • Organic
  • Various
  • Colored marl, reed sandstone and quartz binded with pebble and silicic acid
  • 3 months German Oak Stückfass
  • 70% stainless, 30% German Oak Stückfass
  • 4.5
  • 750 ml

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