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Branchwater Branchwater Apple Brandy

Branchwater Apple is an oak-aged blend of heirloom apples that once dominated the Mid-Hudson Valley in the 17th and 18th Centuries. These apple varieties include Northern Spy, Ben Davis and Rhode Island Greening, among others. The apples are distilled to 85% alcohol and then cut to 72% before resting in new oak casks until mature. Before bottling, the Apple Brandy is cut to 41.5% with water from our family well. Branchwater Apple Brandy highlights the flavors of baked apples, showcasing cinnamon and nutmeg along with vanillin from the cask.

  • N.V.
  • Apple
  • United States
  • New York
  • Hudson Valley
  • 43.0%
  • 375 ml
  • Distillate
  • 850031163034
  • $50.00