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Branchwater Farms is an integrated, multiuse farm in the heart of Hudson Valley, NY where Robin Touchet and Kevin Pike grow heritage grains for the purpose of distillation by way of organic and regenerative agriculture. They mill their own grain batch by batch, and never let the grist sit for more than 30 minutes before being transferred to the mash tun – to prevent oxidation and give the fermentation fruitiness. Fermentations are temperature controlled to preserve freshness and aromas and distilled as soon as they are complete using two 330L copper pot stills designed by Austrian master distiller, Hans Reisetbauer.

Branchwater Branchwater Gin

Branchwater Gin is made from triple-distilled wheat grown organically and regeneratively at Branchwater Farms. It contains a unique blend of organically certified botanicals including juniper, citrus, and cardamom and is finished with water from the family well. It has a malty character that adds richness and body to balance the higher-toned lemon and juniper notes.

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