Carnuntum | Göttlesbrunn

Young, ambitious, passionate winemakers like Philipp Grassl are authoring the transformation of Carnuntum from unfashionable backwater to a place capable of producing exciting site-specific, mineral wines. Austria’s only red-wine dominant region, Carnuntum’s mix of mix of alluvial soils, loess, limestone, and gravel give terroir-obsessed winemakers like Grassl much to work with, as the region benefits from the tempering by the Danube River of the Pannonian climate’s hot summers and cold winters. Working with Zweigelt and St. Laurent, Grassl’s approach in the cellar is to do very little, letting vineyard and vintage speak for themselves.

Grassl 2022 St. Laurent

The classic Sankt Laurent is, so to speak, the little brother of the Sankt Laurent Reserve, but it is not a small wine. On the contrary. His grapes come from vines that are up to 35 years old and also come from wonderfully sun-exposed, stony-limestone locations, which are very suitable for this demanding variety. By the way: if you don't tell anyone, we'll tell you a secret. What makes it so particularly “burgundy” is 10% of the best Pinot Noir, which according to wine law does not make it a cuvée, but gives it the finishing touch.

  • 2022
  • Pinot Noir, St. Laurent
  • Austria
  • Carnuntum
  • Certified Organic by LACON
  • East
  • Stony, lime-rich gravel
  • Stainless steel, oak barrels
  • Stainless steel, oak barrels
  • 1.7
  • 750 ml

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