Karl Haidle

Württemberg | Stetten

Karl Haidle 2016 Berge Lemberger Grosses Gewächs

The Mönchberger Berge is a smaller site within the Mönchberger Gehrnhalde, located on Stetten’s southern edge and is the last peak of the Mönchberg. The estate used to blend all of the Mönchberg Lemberger together but over time the terroir imprints between the two sites were so markedly distinct that they are now bottled separately. Berge is routinely a more finely structured Lemberger of the two with brighter focus and nuance. Each year, after a 3-4 week maceration, this wine is fermented with native yeasts in barrique, 50% of which is new; and then aged in a blend of 30% new and 70% neutral barrique.

  • 2016
  • Lemberger
  • Grosses Gewächs
  • Germany
  • Württemberg
  • Remstal
  • Certified Organic by DE-ÖKO-022; Conversion Biodynamic under Demeter
  • Berge
  • South
  • Gypsum keuper
  • 2 years in 70% neutral and 30% new barrique
  • 50% neutral and 50% new barrique
  • 2.7
  • 750 ml

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