Rheingau | Rüdesheim

Under the direction of Josi Leitz, Weingut Josef Leitz has earned the reputation of being one of Rheingau’s top growers and moreover, one of the finest producers in Germany. Since taking over his family estate in 1985, he has grown his holdings from 2.6 hectares to over 40, most of which are Grand Cru sites on the slopes of the Rüdesheimer Berg. Once the home of some of the world’s most sought after and expensive wines, the region fell to mediocrity in the years following the Second World War. Josi has made it his life’s work to reclaim the intrinsic quality of his native terroir and introduce the world to the true potential of the Rheingau.

Leitz 2016 Berg Rottland Riesling "Hinterhaus" Grosses Gewächs

"Hinterhaus," or “back yard,” is situated directly behind the heart of the village. This is always the first of the Rüdesheimer Berg sites to ripen because it is at the base of the mountain, catches the reflection off the Rhine and is comprised of slate soil, known for it's ability to retain heat. Rottland is recognized for its exotic yellow fruit and distinctive mineral structure. It is Leitz’s most full- bodied riesling of the dry range.

  • 2016
  • Riesling
  • Grosses Gewächs
  • Germany
  • Rheingau
  • Johannisberg
  • Sustainable: Fair 'N Green
  • Rottland
  • South
  • Blue slate
  • 1200L neutral cask
  • 6
  • 750 ml

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