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Leitz 2019 Klosterlay Riesling Kabinett

“Lay” is a very old word meaning slate and "Kloster" is the German translation of Abbey. The Klosterlay sits beneath the Benedictine Abbey of St. Hildegard, above the eastern edge of the village. Here, the Rüdesheimer Berg begins to gently undulate as it levels out toward the village of Geisenheim. Josi believes this site is destined for a fruity style and therefore always makes Kabinett from this vineyard.

  • 2019
  • Riesling
  • Prädikatswein
  • Germany
  • Rheingau
  • Johannisberg
  • Klosterlay
  • South
  • Slate, loess, loam
  • Sustainable: Fair 'N Green
  • Stainless steel
  • 8.5%
  • 750 ml
  • White
  • 870701001909
  • $23.00