Weingut Gross

Steiermark | Südsteiermark | Ehrenhausen

Johannes Gross is the fifth generation of his family to farm and make wine in Ratsch, on the poetically hilly, verdant edge of Südsteiermark (southern Styria). It’s a place defined by climatic tension between the Alps and the Adriatic with steep, terraced hillsides, a mélange of volcanic and sedimentary soils, and a range of traditional Styrian varieties, foremost sauvignon blanc. The terrain demands intensive handwork; yields are kept very low. In the cellar, Johannes focuses on spontaneous fermentations and traditional vinification methods. The wines are entrancingly aromatic, playful, lively, and keenly defined.

Weingut Gross 2017 Ried Sulz Sauvignon Blanc "Fassreserve"

The Sulz vineyard is a very large vineyard (grosslage) that is comprised of many small single vineyards (einzellagen). Here the soils are limestone and clay and vine age is nearly 30 years.

For the Gross' "Fassreserve" we get a bit more than a special barrel selection - the distinction of the initial Sulz terroir expression and its "Fassreserve" begins in the vineyard with particular selection of the best grapes, followed by unique treatment in the cellar and extended aging prior to bottling. Grapes for the "fassreserve" see an extended maceration time of 12-24 hours before a gentle pressing and spontaneous fermentation takes place in traditional, neutral oak barrels (600L-2400L in size). The wine is then racked and matured in the same barrels for 12 months, followed by an additional 42-53 months in stainless tank before being bottled without filtration.

  • 2017
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Austria
  • Südsteiermark
  • Practicing Organic
  • Sulz
  • Limestone, marl
  • 12 months neutral barrel, 42-53 months stainless
  • Neutral barrel
  • 1.9
  • 750 ml

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