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Stagård 2017 Riesling “Steinzeug”

A steinzeug is a glazed, earthenware cylindrical vessel typically used to ferment beer. Historically, the monks used these because their thick walls enabled ferments to better hold the temperature. Similarly, Urban uses them because they are a reductive environment which never needs temperature control. Urban fills it with the best grapes from all of the top sites and the resulting wine is a treatise on riesling. It is razor sharp, steely and taught with precision, yet it employs density, intricacy and length. Above all, it is juicy and lively.

  • 2017
  • Riesling
  • Kremstal DAC Reserve
  • Austria
  • Niederösterreich
  • Kremstal
  • Kögl, Grillenparz, Gaisberg, Schreck, Steiner Hund
  • South, southeast
  • Blue slate, glimmershiefer, loam, loess
  • Certified Organic: LACON
  • Steinzeug (enamel)
  • 9 months Steinzeug & 3 month stainless
  • 750 ml
  • White
  • 9120039644943
  • $75.01